Monday, February 15, 2010

It Snowed!

Wonders will never cease!  Being a die-hard Westerner and living in the South has had it's share of challenges!  After 6 years in Georgia, I can honestly say that I have grown accustomed to this magical place.

     However, (and there always seems to be one) there will always be a special place in my heart for the mountains, and the beautiful snow that the winter season brings.  Here in the South, snow is normally an unimagineable occurence, but this past weekend, we had a surprise visit from the cold Northern skies!
      Yes, it's true, the soft, white fluffy stuff fell from the sky and left a lovely blanket of peace and silence in our part of the world.  Our Camilia's and trees were covered with a fresh layer of that memorable and dearly-missed element from my youth.  Children laughing, building snowmen and coasting down the hill on a homemade sled, while adults with the camera's in hand took snapshots and videos of this memorable moment!
     There were even reports of car accidents on the roads, not due to bad roads, but simply drivers whose attention looked to the heavens in amazement, failing to notice that they had just run a red light!
     The snow is now gone and all that remains is this bitter cold.  Is Spring coming soon?