Monday, March 1, 2010 Quiz

Here's a fun quiz at  See how many quilt blocks you recognize!  Don't recognize any?  That's okay because now you can learn their names!

Share your score here and we'll see who got the highest one!

Have Fun!
Hello Everyone!  The weather here in Georgia was spectacular on Saturday this past weekend, and I spent it in the house attempting to keep the flu from invading my personna!  It really stunk, but I sure got alot of quilting done!

I've been busy working on Comforting Quilters and have a special surprise for all of our gals for our next meeting in March.  I'll be sure to post some photos of the meeting and give updates on the progress of our quilting ventures. 

Marjoram - A Symbol of Comfort, Peace and Hope

Being ill has not allowed me to surf the blogs for anything of interest.  However, I did find a very nice fabric bag that I really liked!  You can see it on the news feed to the left of my blog.

All for now, but keep posted, the newsletter is almost complete and I'll be posting more photos of our projects.