Our "Antebellum" Renovation

This is the Parlor before we started to work!  It was the first room we renovated.  The parlor is "D" shaped and was a perfect room to put our baby grand piano.  In the photo to the left, you can see that our piano was strategically placed in the "D" to check out the fit.  We could hardly wait to finish this room!                                                                 

As is the custom here in the South, everything was painted in an odious color of white, which now had become dingy and dirty.  We knew there was some gorgeous wood under that paint, so each of us took a mantel, of which there are nine total, and started stripping!  Mike took the parlor, I volunteered for the entry way and our daughter "enthusiastically" agreed to take the dining room!

Let the stripping begin!


We now have a beautiful Black Walnut Mantel in our Parlor!  

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