Janelle's Quilt

It may be cliche', but the old phrase "Where has the time gone?" seems to haunt every parent's life when their last child prepares to make their mark in the world as an adult.  While the passage of time can not be adjusted, realigned or stopped, the quilt will forever serve as a memory of a time in their life that they can remember with fondness on the good times, the quiet moment, or the tear shed.  As our youngest daughter prepared for her third year of college, too far away to drive from home, she made the leap and  packed her bags for  a new adventure!  A new period of her life was beginning, and what better way than to give her my love and a quilt made with her favorite things to take along as a constant reminder of her home and family.  She's now a graduate of Georgia Tech, owns her own home, has a great job and currently working on her Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.  Not sure where this quilt is, but I can promise you, it's in a safe, secure spot where she can someday share those special moments with someone special long after I'm gone.  Love you so much Janelle.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.

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