Thursday, August 2, 2012

It has certainly been a busy month around the Quilt Castle!  Annie is bored to tears and is anxious for her Dad to come home and take her out to the shop!

Aside from creating a fun Wedding quilt, I also worked on two new quilts for my sweet grand daughters to snuggle up with on those cool winter evenings this winter.

In addition, I have become a Great Aunt (again!).  Time for a quilt!  Sweet Amelia, I am certain, is adorable and the first Grandma is in heaven!  I thought I'd share the flannel I have chosen for this darling little angel.  More to follow!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Quilts are great gifts to give a newly wed couple. You can make it more customized to fit the couple you are giving it to.

  2. We customize each quilt. Colors, favorite quotes, scriptures, nicknames, etc...anything that would bring a fond memory.

    We also create quilts for special events such as graduations, etc. We made a crazy quilt from years of T-Shirts for a client. Turned out darling!

  3. Beautiful fabrics! She is a lucky baby. I'm sure she'll love it for many years to come.


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